Plans to cut M275 speed limit over no-deal Brexit fears are postponed

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Plans to cut the M275 speed limit from 60mph to 40mph from this week have been postponed.

As reported, the restriction was due to come into force as planners aim to mitigate any disruption of a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

Heavy traffic on the M275 into Portsmouth

Heavy traffic on the M275 into Portsmouth

But with uncertainty in Westminster, a possible general election and an extension beyond the EU exit date, the mitigation measures are being pushed back.

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Hampshire Local Resilience Forum started to put measures in place to stop gridlock in Portsmouth caused by for EU-bound hauliers with incorrect paperwork, including checkpoints on the A31 and Tipner West on the M275.

Portsmouth City Council confirmed speed restrictions have been postponed.

The authority is set to confirm when they will come into force.

The checkpoints are set to cost £80,000 when running and will use a workforce from a pool of 130 trained people.