Plans to revamp Gosport bus station are back in the pipeline

The interior of Gosport Bus Station
The interior of Gosport Bus Station
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  • Plans are back in the pipeline to develop the bus terminal in Gosport
  • Council wants to see cafes, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities
  • It has been more than three years since the council made the original plans
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PLANS to makeover a bus station are back in the pipeline more than three years after they were originally made.

Gosport Borough Council is in search of a developer to upgrade the bus station which the chief executive said was ‘past its sell-by date.’

The bus station is well past its sell-by date and the council has agreed to make it over

Ian Lycett

Originally built in the 1970s, the station, on South Street in the town centre, has become an eyesore along the waterfront and the council is keen to see preparations for a new-look, modern terminal started this year.

Chief executive of the council Ian Lycett told residents at a meeting that the council has agreed to make over the bus station.

He said: ‘The bus station is well past its sell-by date and the council has agreed to make it over.

‘Every year around three-and-a-half million people come across on the ferry into Gosport and the bus station is one of the first things they see.

‘It needs to be modernised and we want to have a taxi rank, big enough spaces for the buses like we have now and open space. A range of retailers is something we want too.’

Within the bus terminal, the council also wants to see cafes, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities.

Mr Lycett said: ‘To have all this, we are looking to take down the bus station and put back in an iconic building.’

He added that the council is planning to get the station on the market in the next few weeks. As previously reported in The News, Gosport council has been looking to develop the bus station for the past few years.

By June 2012, the council had started an investment plan and had approval to go ahead and market the site.

Mr Lycett admitted back in the 2012 that the bus station was ‘awful’ and the building was ‘knackered.’

He said it needed to be knocked down and rebuilt.

But due to the recession, the plans had been put on hold. Council leader, cllr Mark Hook said he hoped to start consultations to improve the town centre within the next two years.