Police get tough to end town’s parking woes

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Picture: Paul Jacobs

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POLICE have warned of zero tolerance as they tackle an illegal parking problem in Petersfield.

Officers issued 60 £30 parking fines last month to drivers who had left their cars by the side of the road, ignoring no parking and no stopping notices.

Parking problems in Petersfield have worsened since the town lost its traffic warden two years ago.

Plans to reintroduce a traffic warden are being looked into by East Hampshire District Council.

Local officers PC James Street and PC Philly Churcher-Brown pleaded with motorists to consider how they park as illegal parking can mean it becomes difficult for traffic to negotiate the roads.

PC Street said: ‘I’m a local resident myself, and I know what it’s like, but I’m asking people not to park illegally.

‘We have a zero tolerance approach – we will issue tickets.’

Officers said dealing with illegal parking was taking up too much of their time – but it remains a focus as residents and businesses have highlighted it as a problem.

PC Churcher-Brown added: ‘We do go into shops and try to find the cars’ owners before we issue penalties.

‘We give them the opportunity to move their car before we give them a ticket.

‘But it’s taking a lot of time away from tackling crimes.’