Politeness push for Portsmouth pedallers

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BIKE riders are being asked to pedal politely in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth City Council has launched its polite cycling initiative, asking cyclists not to ride on the pavement, to obey traffic rules and to use shared paths considerately.

It has been joined by police, sustainable transport charity Sustrans, cycling campaign group CTC, Portsmouth Cycle Forum, environmental charity Groundwork Solent and youth charity Motiv8.

City transport boss Cllr Jason Fazackarley said: ‘Cycling’s a healthy, green, cheap way of getting round a mostly flat city.

‘I ride a bike. But I’m sometimes a pedestrian. A minority of cyclists can be inconsiderate.

‘Not all cyclists realise how much pedestrians, especially older people, can be frightened by them.

‘We’re congratulating people on cycling but making sure they understand the point of view of people on foot, or people driving. Motorists must understand inconsiderate driving can make cyclists feel vulnerable. It’s one reason cyclists ride on pavements. But you can be fined £30 to £500.

‘Educating people to be considerate will hopefully reduce people doing it in the first place.’