Politician denies party switch

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A PORTSMOUTH councillor has denied rumours he is to join another political party.

Lib Dem Jason Fazackarley, the council’s leader for transport, has told The News there is no truth to claims he is considering rejoining the Labour Party.

Tory websites carried the claims yesterday morning, saying Cllr Fazackarley, who left the Labour group in 2008 and joined the Lib Dems in 2009, was angry at Lib Dem council cuts.

The council is slashing £15m from its budget, including axing 184 jobs, because of cuts to its grant from central government.

But Cllr Fazackarley said the rumours have come from a misunderstanding of an exchange between him and Tory councillor Donna Jones on Facebook.

He said: ‘It’s ridiculous. It must have come from someone reading Cllr Jones’ Facebook page. She had written “what goes around comes around” and I wrote “I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll rejoin Labour”.

‘It was just a joke and she said “don’t go to the dark side, you can join us instead”. But I won’t leave the Lib Dems, I don’t want to rejoin Labour and I’m sure they wouldn’t have me even if I did.’