Politician shrugs off ex-Tory link to city seat

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A WOMAN hoping to become the next MP for Portsmouth South is not fazed by reports suggesting Neil Hamilton should go for the position.

As reported, a leaked report suggests Ukip is being forced to find a seat for the disgraced ex-Tory politician ahead of the general election.

Flick Drummond, the Conservative parliamentary prospective candidate for the seat, said she wanted to win people over with her policies and not interested in attacking others.

‘Over the last seven years that I have lived in Portsmouth, I have an unblemished record of working in the community,’ she said. ‘I will be fighting a campaign on policies and issues that affect us in Portsmouth rather than a campaign on personalities.’

Ukip will decide its candidate on January 12. It comes after Mike Hancock, the current MP, said Mr Hamilton had as much connection to the city as Ms Drummond and Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for the role. Labour’s candidate is Sue Castillon who has lived in the city for 21 years.