Politicians urge: ‘make your vote count in election’

Councillor Roy Perry, leader of Hampshire County Council

Hampshire council chief backs Heathrow runway expansion

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LESS than a week remains until elections to decide who runs councils in our area.

And politicians in Portsmouth urge voters to make their voices count in Thursday’s poll.

Lib Dem group leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said: ‘It’s vital people vote. It’s their chance to say who runs their area. I think we’re best at that, and I hope we win, but people must use their voice.’

Cllr Vernon-Jackson, whose own Milton seat is up for election on Thursday, believes his party should poll well, despite the Lib Dems’ support dropping as low as nine per cent in some national polls.

He said: ‘On the doorsteps people are very positive. They know this isn’t about national government. It’s about who runs the city best. We have run it well, and at the last budget meeting the Tories didn’t even set a budget, which isn’t encouraging about their abilities.’

But Cllr Vernon-Jackson concedes his Lib Dem group faces a challenge to defend 10 seats.

And the Tory group hopes to take advantage.

Its chairwoman for Portsmouth North, Donna Jones, said: ‘Baffins and Milton are seats where the Lib Dem vote’s close to the party’s right. St Judes, St Thomas, and Eastney and Craneswater are more left-wing Lib Dem seats, and we think people may be disappointed so they won’t vote for them this time. We have good policies to help sort out massive parking problems in the city, and rejuvenate the seafront.’

The city’s Labour group also hopes to make gains, for the first time since 2001.

Its leader Jon Ferrett, who is standing in Nelson ward, said: ‘Nelson and Charles Dickens are places we may make headway. It’s a long way back for us, because Labour was in government so long, which has a negative effect at local level, but as people feel the coalition’s cuts, we’re gaining positive feedback.’


Daryn Brewer, Conservative

Sarah Coote, Green

Ian Ducane, English Democrats

Lynne Stagg, Lib Dem

David Tucker, Independent

Julian Wright, Labour

Central Southsea

Margaret Adair, Lib Dem

Massoud Esmaili, Conservative

Frances Pilling, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Rob Smith, Labour

Charles Dickens

Russell Anderson, Green

Sarah Cook, Labour

Matt Davies, Conservative

Steven Wylie, Lib Dem


Stephen Fletcher, Lib Dem

David Knight, English Democrats

Robert New, Conservative

Simon Payne, Labour


Graham Heaney, Labour

Lee Mason, Conservative

Steve Pearson, Lib Dem

Drayton and Farlington

Ken Ellcome, Conservative

Steve Lanson-Dale, Lib Dem

Paul Middleton, Labour

Dave Ward, English Democrats

Eastney and Craneswater

Terry Hall, Lib Dem

Peter Lawrence, English Democrats

Gerry Oldfield, Conservative

Rosalie Ward, Labour


John Attrill, Labour

Terry Judkins, Conservative

John Pickett, TUSC

Eleanor Scott, Lib Dem


Michelle Cole, Lib Dem

Alistair Thompson, Conservative

Michelle Treacher, Labour


Ken Ferrett, Labour

Chris Hirst, Conservative

Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem


Audrey Arnell, Conservative

John Ferrett, Labour

Leo Madden, Lib Dem


Oliver Greenwood, Conservative

David Horne, Labour

Will Purvis, Lib Dem

St Jude

Michael Andrewes, Lib Dem

Craig Cameron, Labour

Linda Symes, Conservative

St Thomas

John Lancaster, Labour

Les Stevens, Lib Dem

Sandra Stockdale, Conservative