Pool demolition brings new homes to Rowner

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Picture: Paul Jacobs

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AN OLD swimming pool will be demolished at the end of this week to make way for affordable homes in Gosport.

The plans will see 23 flats and houses built on the site of the former recreation centre, off Davenport Close in Rowner.

Graham Jacobs is the director of Trafalgar Property Consultancy.

He said it’s a good use of the land there.

‘It fits in with what’s happening in the area,’ he said.

‘It’s a site that’s been redundant now for at least 10 years and this brings the area back into active use.

‘It needs it in the area.’

It comes as the building, unused since 2004, is now in a bad state 
after suffering fire damage and vandalism.

Planning permission was granted in 2009 to develop homes on the site and bring the centre back into use as a leisure facility.

But this was unsuccessful due to the condition of the building and viability issues.

This latest project is not directly linked to the Rowner Renewal Project, but the homes will be built with the same design in mind.

‘With what’s happening this could have sat and festered if it wasn’t in private ownership,’ Mr Jacobs added.

‘We have taken it to the market and though it sits outside the Rowner development, it’s part of the same scheme.

‘There is a need for both affordable renting and affordable buying.

‘There will be properties people can buy and rent on that site.

‘They are in keeping with what’s happening in the Rowner development.

‘The architects have done a fantastic job with it.

‘It’s a nice product.’

He added: ‘It’s not just a mass of flats – there are actual houses going in there.’

The demolition is set to begin by the end of the month with the project due to finish in the summer.

‘The target date for the builders to be off the site is the end of August this year,’ Mr Jacobs said.

‘That’s a quick turnaround.’

The development consists of 12 one and two-bedroom flats and 11 two and three-bedroom houses.