Portchester flood defences need repairing says councillor

VULNERABLE Roger Price is concerned about the coastal erosion of the shore at the end of Wicor Mill Lane. Picture: Paul Jacobs (14666-1)
VULNERABLE Roger Price is concerned about the coastal erosion of the shore at the end of Wicor Mill Lane. Picture: Paul Jacobs (14666-1)

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A COUNCILLOR is calling for Fareham Borough Council to put money towards flood defences before it is too late.

Lib Dem councillor Roger Price has voiced concerns after recent bad weather caused the embankments along the Portchester shoreline to crumble.

The high winds and heavy rain that have hit the region since Christmas caused damage along the shoreline and Cllr Price is concerned that the damage could lead to a worse situation.

And now he is calling on the council and other agencies to get the flood defences improved.

Cllr Price, who represents the Portchester ward on the borough and the county council, said: ‘I have been told that Fareham council has the money to improve the defences but it doesn’t think it needs to at the moment.

‘It has told me that if the opportunity arises, then it will sort it out.

‘But all along the shoreline in Portchester the embankment is crumbling away and has been badly damaged.

‘There is debris going into the water and it is dangerous.

‘And it isn’t just one section of the shore, it is all along it.

‘If it rains heavily again for ages like it has recently, the whole area will flood and it will be harder to fix and put right.’

Councillor Price added that the main problem is at Wicor Mill Lane but there are also issues at Cador Drive and Alton Grove.

‘I know it won’t be cheap to do the flood defences all along the Portchester shoreline, but unfortunately, that is where it’s needed,’ said Councillor Price.

‘The residents have concerns and I think things need to be looked at.’

The Eastern Solent Coastline Partnership is looking at a number of flood issues in the area. It is getting together a strategy to tackle any potential problems.

Mark Stratton, River Hamble to Portchester coastal strategy project manager, said: ‘In accordance with partner agencies, we are developing a flood and erosion risk management coastal strategy.

‘This strategy covers the area from the River Hamble to Portchester and will make recommendations to the preferred approach to managing the Portchester coastline over next 100 years.

‘We have been working closely with other local organisations, groups and individuals to ensure that both the best strategic approach to managing this length of coastline is achievable.’