Portsmouth bin changes: Council says rules must be changed to avoid losing weekly collections

CITY residents and bin men have voiced concerns about new household waste limits.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:58 pm
There are fears that the introduction of new waste limits will see more rubbish on the streets

Yesterday it was agreed that by the end of 2018 the council will only take away three bin bags’ worth of rubbish, with wheelie bins for homes that have room.

But the council’s environment boss said the rules were needed to avoid losing weekly collections. Cllr Dave Ashmore said: ‘The cost of waste removal is going up.

‘We were looking at ways to reduce costs so we could keep weekly collections, as well as making the city greener.’

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There are fears that the introduction of new waste limits will see more rubbish on the streets

The change comes after trials across various areas in the city resulted in a reduction of waste of up to 20 per cent

However, some locals feared the three-bag cap would be difficult to meet. Mike Barter, 56, of Liverpool Road in Fratton said: ‘I don’t think reducing it to three bags is a good idea. I think it is wrong.

‘Some weeks you might only put out one bag and other times you might need more than three, it should be based on more of an average.

‘If the council do not take the rubbish I put out then I would just leave it there.’

Newcome Road in Fratton was one area which tested the scheme. One resident of that road, 26-year-old Harley Burton, said: ‘Come Wednesday, the day before the bins are taken away, there are bags everywhere. And now if there are more than three per house it just gets left there.

‘It’s disgusting and smells bad, and you get maggots in the bags. All it means is that more rubbish gets left on the street.’

Cllr Dave Ashmore added: ‘We were also looking at ways to reduce waste and increase recyling in the city.

‘I was part of the trials and it did work. If people are worried that it won’t be enough they can apply for bigger collection allowances from the council.’

A Portsmouth bin man was worried it would lead to extra work for his team. He said: ‘It will be good for the city but not for the bin men. We will have to work longer hours as a result.

‘When you have got wheelie bins as opposed to just bags it does mean it takes a lot longer to do your job.

‘I don’t think residents are going to be happy. When they rolled this out in Cosham a lot of people were saying ‘but I pay my council tax.’ It’s just one of those things people will get used to.

‘There was some talk that the council would buy a new lorry to help with the extra work but I haven’t heard any more about that.

‘We will need more lorries.’