Portsmouth bin changes: ‘This rubbish shows the trial approach is not working’

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A SOUTHSEA resident is concerned his footage of bin bags dumped on pavements could be a sign of things to come.

The worried householder was frustrated by the build-up of rubbish on Hudson Road and captured these images on June 9, three days after bin collection day.

Rubbish in Hudson Road in Southsea

Rubbish in Hudson Road in Southsea

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However, Portsmouth City Council denied the claims stating the bags were not left out for that long.

Colette Hill, assistant director of neighbourhoods at the council, said: ‘This was reported to us and we believe the bags were placed out after collection day.

‘The properties were visited by the Clean Safe Tidy team and the matter was resolved.’

Wheelie bins in Portsmouth

Wheelie bins in Portsmouth

The resident claimed it is a result of trials that are set to become permanent – and will see all households restricted to one wheelie bin or three bin bags’ worth of waste.

Speaking about the video he said: ‘It shows clearly the established trial approach of not collecting bin bags outside of a wheelie bin is failing, leaving many bin bags on the street after bin day to be attacked by cats and seagulls. This has led to debris and food all over the street which is unsightly for our town, a health hazard and increasing vermin numbers.

‘This is not how we want out streets to become and this is avoided by simply collecting all bin bags available on the bin days.

‘With the high volume and turnover of occupants in these areas, an ongoing and good understanding of the requirements simply cannot be achieved, which you can see by looking at the difficulty experienced in just getting bin bags put out on the right day prior to the trial.

‘The quantity of bags generated from these densely populated areas simply will never fit in wheelie bins alone. A commitment to continue with wheelie bin-only collections is a commitment to streets in the state shown in this video for the foreseeable future.’

The council approved the new bin collection system on Monday with plans to make it permanent by the end of this year.