Portsmouth City Council £10m cuts in detail

Portsmouth City Council has announced cuts of almost �10m
Portsmouth City Council has announced cuts of almost �10m
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Blow by blow, this is the package of cuts agreed by Portsmouth City Council to save £10m.

All the cuts relate to next financial year

Cut to grant given to Portsmouth Cultural Trust, which runs Portsmouth

Guildhall - £71,900

Closure of children’s home - £114,500

20 per cent reduction in youth service provision budget - £200,000

Costs associated with ensuring protection of Portsdown Hill and Hilsea

Lines to be met by other grants - £7,400

Cease grant to Dot to Dot Arts - £4,600

Reduced use of casual staff employed for culture, leisure and sport

purposes - £6,700

Saving on stationery following relocation of staff in civic offices - £1,500

income received from European grant funding - £10,000

Removal of five library assistants - £95,500

Closure of Southsea Library on Sundays - £10,000

Taking away one late night opening a week at Cosham, North End and

Southsea libraries - £6,500

Museums - create one single management structure - £42,000

Increase admissions income at D-Day Museum by 10 per cent - £4,000

Increase price of hiring museum sites - £10,000

museums - increase retail income by 10 per cent - £10,000

Museums - relocation of records office to the first floor at Southsea

Library - £8,000

Museums - reduction in grant to Peter Ashley Activity Centre - £9,600

Deletion of budget for community services manager post - £8,700

community services - delete most of repairs budget, but retain small

amount for repairs to Anchorage Park Community Centre - £5,100

increase in beach hut income, raising charge by 9 per cent, followed

by two per cent in future years - £5,500

outsource Southsea Bandstand - £8,000

reduce costs of Southsea and Rural Show - £3,000

Events - increase concession income to offset costs of Kite Festival,

and transfer to external sponsor from 2016/2017 - £2,000

No bonfire at King George V Playing Fields next year - £4,600

Costs saved by transferring management of The Pyramids from Southsea

Community Leisure Limited to BH Live - £100,000

Reletting CCTV monitoring contract - £17,200

Reduction in number of BT circuits required and more images will be

transferred via the internet and Wi-Fi - £40,000

Reletting of CCTV maintenance contract - £30,000

Savings as a result of city wide anti-social behaviour review - £69,500

Review non-statutory community trading standards services - £60,000

Possible reduction in number of environmental health staff - £62,100

Additional environmental health income through fees, charges and new

contracts - £40,000

reduction in reactive coastal maintenance (large maintenance projects

by council postponed until outcome of bids to Environmental Agency for

funding) - £25,000

Governance and audit committee - additional registrars income and

increase fees and charges - £53,300

Contribution from Public Health service to range of existing

activities that will improve range of health and diet problems -


Review and cease funding for services to help patients seen as just

needing ‘moderate’ care - £105,000

transfer funding of domiciliary care for non-personal care tasks such

as welfare visits to voluntary sector - £20,000

review and monitor domiciliary care activities, to ensure council is

only paying for contracted activity - £25,000

Closure of The Patey Day Centre, in Cosham, and transferring services

to The Royal Albert Day Centre, in Landport - £100,000

Review and reshape Learning Disability day services - £50,000

Relocate Vanguard Physical Disability day service - £100,000

reduction in funding for adult mental health service - £95,000

health and social care staff reductions - £120,000

health and social care - reduction in training budget - £20,000

health and social care - reducing dual diagnosis service - £100,000

health and social care - re-tendering/re-modelling supporting people

contracts - £250,000

Decommission First Base (part of You Trust) advice service - £55,000

Decommission Safer Communities service - £50,000

Take higher rate Disability Living Allowance into account where night

time care is provided - £20,000

Disallowing privately arranged care as a disability related expense - £60,000

Reduce support for Adult Social Care substance misuse programme - £100,000

health and social care - Move continuing health care team from

Paulsgrove to the civic offices - £40,000

health and social care - Renegotiate contract for older people with

support needs - £25,000

health and social care - charge separately for transport costs for day

services - £50,000

Housing - additional telecare income - £28,000

Complete review of HomeCheck staff and resources - £62,000

review of private sector housing staffing - £65,000

re-negotiation of Big Screen maintenance contract - £8,000

reduction in community events budget, including removal of grant to St

Mary’s Church in Fratton for its May Fayre event - £3,100

tourism - increased income from advertising on website - £8,000

increased income from tourist guides and associated activities - £1,000

tourism - review of staff structure in association with museum service - £12,000

cease subscription to tourism south east - £4,000

planning, regeneration and economic development - reduction in

stationery costs - £3,000

tourism - cease support to cruise shuttle buses - £2,600

tourism - reduce trade show participation - £1,000

tourism - reduce print advertising, covered by web and social media

work instead - £2,000

planning - introduction of charges for pre-application planning

enquiries - £10,000

planning - review of staffing structure, additional income and

sponsorship at PCMI - £14,200

review of the same things for the council’s town centre management team - £8,600

reduce level of funding to counselling service Relate Portsmouth, and

completely withdraw service in 2015/16 - £20,000

review and renegotiate contracts awarded by adult social care to third

sector - £30,500

additional investment property income - £27,800

service review within Customer, Community and Democratic Services - £133,900

Delete budget for Twinning, a service which helps to build bridges

with communities from different countries - £8,000

Terminating internal bailiff service and duties will be externalised - £100,000

reduction in number of staff in central debt recovery team - £55,000

Introduce surcharges for credit card transactions - £15,000

Changes to treasury management policy - £100,000

increase in appointeeship activities for adult social care clients - £50,000

review of admin and management staff in maintenance team to ensure

existing level of service is maintained - £152,800

review of housing and property services’ business support function - £113,200

review of housing and property design team - £26,600

transfer of housing and property services’ security function and

staffing review - £64,100

increased income from chargeable services, including audit, training

and temporary agency within human resources, legal and performance

team - £40,000

service and efficiency review within human resources, legal and

performance team - £170,000

reduction in modern records service - £45,000

Staff reductions - reduction in services provided by The Information

Service to internal customers, especially support given to services to

help plan their business going forward - £150,000

Negotiate discount with provider for landline telephone calls - £30,000

reduction in energy charges delivered through new data centre facility - £30,000

resources portfolio - management and staff reductions - £292,300

reduction in funds for local welfare assistance scheme - £55,000

reduction in funds for discretionary business rate relief - £45,000

resources - charge for payment by credit card - £10,000

Deletion of Members IT and subsistence budgets - £6,000

Cap members allowances at no more than the maximum recommended by the

Independent Remuneration Panel - £6,700

Contract savings across all services - £1,250,000

Taking away travel tokens from disabled people - £148,500

traffic and transport - reduce annual transfer to Tri-Sail Reserve - £30,000