Portsmouth City Council hosts online open day

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THE team which deals with inquiries to Portsmouth City Council will post all its activities on Facebook tomorrow, to show the public what it does.

From 9.30am to 4pm, the council’s helpdesk will upload all complaints, comments and questions it is asked, as well as its response to each.

It’s hoped the move will give the public an insight into what the team, which is the first point of call for any city resident who needs to speak to the council, does on a daily basis.

Jo Duckenfield, the council’s customer services manager, said: ‘The City Helpdesk deals with between 2,000 and 3,000 calls per week, and this event is a great way to show people the wide range of topics we deal with.

‘Whether it’s arranging for a repair, taking a payment, sending out an inspector, or booking a contractor to assist, we work hard to make sure the people of Portsmouth get all the assistance they need with their daily inquiries.

‘No-one’s personal details will be logged, it will be general information only, such as female caller in Cosham reporting street light, so people can call in with confidence.

‘Please do log on to Facebook on What we do 4 U day and support us.’

The Helpdesk takes an average of 600 enquiries each day. To follow the updates, log on to Facebook and go to ‘official Portsmouth Council’.