Portsmouth City Council leader: ‘Services have to be delivered’

DIVISIVE Another meeting will decide Mike Hancock's cabinet role
DIVISIVE Another meeting will decide Mike Hancock's cabinet role
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THE Lib Dem city council leader has denied the group is in disarray and said: ‘It’s for the people of Portsmouth to decide who they want to run services.’

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson spoke after Tory and Labour councillors called for him to stand down. He said: ‘Services to people in Portsmouth have to be delivered and delivered well, and that’s the important bit of it.

‘People playing party politics is not nearly as important. For 10 years they have been saying that the Lib Dems can’t run Portsmouth. For 10 years they have been wrong. For 10 years the people of this city have told the other parties that they have been wrong.’

He added: ‘There is a clear Conservative and Labour coalition across Portsmouth now and people in Portsmouth will need to decide – do they want the sorts of things the Lib Dems have been delivering over the last 10 years to continue in Portsmouth or do they want a Labour and Conservative coalition?’

Mike Hancock retained his city council cabinet post after a vote by Lib Dem councillors.

There was a 10-10- split in and councillor Rob Wood, chairman of the Lib Dem group, and Cllr Steven Wylie abstained.

Today’s meeting was called after Portsmouth’s Lib Dem party – which is different to the council group – spotted errors in the way the previous meeting was conducted.

Those who voted for are Jacqui Hancock, Margaret Adair, Margaret Foster, Lee Hunt, Peter Eddis, Les Stevens, Michael Andrews, David Fuller, Terry Hall and Hugh Mason.

Those against were Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Jason Fazackarley, Leo Madden, Darron Phillips, Darren Sanders, Will Purvis, Lynne Stagg, Sandra Stockdale, Phil Smith and Matthew Winnington.