Portsmouth City Council pay report sees more men in top jobs

Hampshire police and crime commissioner Michael Lane 

Picture: Malcolm Wells

Crime commissioner appeals for extra council tax cash to cover Hampshire police’s £10m shortfall

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A REPORT into equal pay at Portsmouth City Council has shown more women working in lower paid jobs – while more men are taking home top salaries.

Overall the research indicates only minor differences in pay between people of different sexes doing the same jobs, with the largest difference of 4.65 per cent actually favouring women.

But in terms of the average pay for each gender men earn 21.46 per cent more across the council.

This is due to the far larger proportion of women doing lower paid jobs and a majority of men in senior roles, including that of chief executive.

For example, in the bottom four pay bands there are 2,532 women and 370 men, while in the top four bands there are eight women and 17 men.

Tory deputy leader Cllr Donna Jones said that because the same jobs showed very small differences in pay it was a ‘good news’ report for the council.

‘As an employer we are in some way reactionary to changes in aspiration that society has gone through,’ she said.

‘Women didn’t expect to be in senior management roles 30 to 40 years ago, but they do now. We are reacting to that change.’