Portsmouth City Council scotches South Parade Pier demolition claim

South Parade Pier
South Parade Pier

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ASSURANCES have been made by Portsmouth City Council that it will not allow the demolition of South Parade Pier.

The message comes after a court ruling on Monday which stipulated that pier owners Fred Nash and Dawn Randall must up a barrier around the structure because it is unsafe.

The council stressed that the owners would need permission under listed building law to demolish any part of it - and ‘can’t see circumstances’ how such a move would be approved.

The order also states that the pier must be closed to the public until a court rules it can be re-opened.

City solicitor Michael Lawther said: ‘We share the public’s concern about the condition of the pier.

‘We have a duty to protect the public from dangerous structures, and this is why we went to court on Monday.

‘In the court’s ruling on Monday, there was a standard legal phrase saying that the owners could demolish the dangerous part of the pier, instead of putting up the barrier, if permission was given under listed building law.

‘The pier is a listed building and anything done to listed buildings has to have our permission.

‘The council can’t foresee any circumstances in which it would grant permission for the pier, or any part of it, to be demolished.’

Meanwhile, the South Parade Trust has called on residents to lobby candidates in the upcoming local elections to promise pier repair works.