Portsmouth councillor under fire for dog mess stunt

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A COUNCILLOR has come under fire for bringing dog mess into a council meeting.

Portsmouth City Council member Lynne Stagg took a carrier bag of dog excrement to a cabinet meeting on whether enforcement firm 3GS should be hired to issue fines to people who don’t pick up dog mess or litter.

She held up the bags for everyone to see while making her case that the Lib Dems were right when in power to propose the move.

But members were far from happy with the stunt.

Councillor Donna Jones, Tory council leader, said: ‘One party wants to run the city, the other thinks it’s right and proper to disrespect what the council stands for.’

As previously reported, the cabinet decided not to go forward with 3GS because of the potential costs involved and the risk of the council being inundated with legal cases.

Cllr Stagg, in defending her actions, said: ‘We have got adverts all over the parks with a little girl covered in dog mess saying pick it up. This was the same sort of thing.’