Portsmouth election system switch considered

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COUNCILLORS will explore whether the Portsmouth authority should change its election system.

One elected member in each of the city’s 14 wards currently goes before voters each year.

But the Tories put forward a proposal suggesting work be done to change that so every councillor goes up for election every four years in a bid to save money.

It was also one of the recommendations by Guildford solicitor Richard Lingard in a report over behaviour within the council that the election cycle should be changed to avoid ‘short-termism’.

Councillors warned there could be complacency if people know they won’t be up for election for some time.

Lib Dem councillor Lee Hunt said: ‘Elections every year force councillors to go out and talk to people. If there are elections every four years, nobody will do anything and there will be no scrutiny.’ 
But Labour and the Tories added it would help encourage more strategic decisions.