Portsmouth MP hosts reception to promote navy in the Commons

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SERVICE personnel were last night invited to a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons, hosted by Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt.

It was the third annual event to commemorate Trafalgar that she has hosted, and was held in Speaker’s House. It was sponsored by BAE Systems.

Miss Mordaunt, who is a Royal Navy reservist, said it was important to mark the anniversary. She said: ‘This broadens the support in the navy, things like the Carrier Strike, things like the reserve forces.

‘It is key that we get the opportunity to get behind the carriers. We should be proud of them and this shows our support and we should ask that parliamentarians get their constituents behind them.’

Rear admiral Henry Parker said: ‘Security at sea remains as important today as it was back then.

‘Some 95 per cent of UK shipping travels by sea, and British flag merchant shipping is still the largest in the world, worth over £10bn to the UK economy.

‘We are part of the UN security council and a member of Nato. Our government is considering, as we leave Afghanistan and Iraq, how we’re going to meet these obligations in the future and what we in the navy fundamentally believe is maritime forces are going to be part of that solution.’