Portsmouth MP’s gruelling naval training

Penny Mordanut takes aim during naval exercises
Penny Mordanut takes aim during naval exercises
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A FORTNIGHT of getting soaked, covered in mud and having your endurance pushed to the limit might not appeal to everyone.

But it was how Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt chose to spend the final two weeks of her summer holiday.

The MP for Portsmouth North took the chance to complete her training in the Royal Naval Reserves and rose to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant.

But, as pictures taken by her instructors show, Ms Mordaunt’s time at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth was far from a walk in the park.

She said: ‘It was brilliant but left me absolutely exhausted.

‘They tell you if you’re pushing as hard as you can, and feel like you can’t possibly continue, then you’re really only at 50 per cent of what you can do.

‘It was a gruelling course and involved training alongside the Royal Marines in the second week at Okehampton battle camp.

‘And they didn’t go easy on me at all. At the beginning you need to lie in a shallow stream so your clothes are completely soaked while the trainer shouts questions at you.

‘Everyone else was in and out but I swear I was in there for half an hour.

‘But it’s wonderful to complete my training and I hope more people will be encouraged to sign up.’