Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt seeks residents’ views on city transport snags

Penny Mordaunt
Penny Mordaunt

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PEOPLE can have their say over what they think should happen to resolve city transport problems and make roads safer.

Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt is to consult the public with a view to bringing recommendations before councillors and the government.

She is keen to hear views on a Boris bike-style scheme in Portsmouth and issues with parking and whether the enforcement system in place is good enough.

Residents will also be asked their views on how to improve cycle and rail links and what can be done to better link up land and sea travel.

Ms Mordaunt said: ‘To reduce the number of cars we have got in the city, we have got to work on a long-term strategy.

‘In order to do that we need to think of things like better utilising the park-and-ride, and we need better rail links as well.

‘There is a number of things we can do and I will be asking people for their views.

‘It’s about finding out what else we can do to alleviate some of the congestion we have in the city and making our traffic network more resilient.’

It comes after Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage slammed South West Trains for a lack of investment in the area – saying not a ‘single penny’ had gone into improving rail routes between Portsmouth and London.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is also working on a plan for how cycle routes and roads can be better designed for the city’s leader, Councillor Donna Jones.

She said: ‘I welcome Penny’s survey.

‘The council has conducted a number of surveys but two heads are better than one. We have people out there who care very much about this, such as the Portsmouth Cycle Forum.

‘We have a lot of people living in a small area with many challenges because of the number of cars we have in the city.

‘I am always looking to improve things and improve safety for the people of Portsmouth.’

The consultation is set to begin on Monday and Ms Mordaunt will collect all responses before taking further action.

People can join in by going to pennymordaunt.com or by writing to her office at 379 London Road, Portsmouth PO2 9HL.