Portsmouth prospective parliamentary candidate Donna Jones vows to 'get Brexit done'

2/5/19''Story: Portsmouth local elections, Portsmouth Guildhall''Pictured:  Cllr Donna Jones''Picture: Habibur Rahman
2/5/19''Story: Portsmouth local elections, Portsmouth Guildhall''Pictured: Cllr Donna Jones''Picture: Habibur Rahman
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A PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth has vowed to ‘get Brexit done’.

Tory party leader Donna Jones wants to respect democracy and says if she is elected to the Portsmouth South seat, she will vote to deliver Brexit.

In a letter to The News, Ms Jones wrote: ‘Britain has been plagued by its attempts to leave the European Union for 39 months.  People are fed up and just want MP's to get on with Brexit.

‘Some people have speculated about people's reasons for voting to leave the EU; the banking crisis, poor wages and rising housing costs. 

‘These people, one of whom is our Labour MP for Portsmouth South, are misunderstanding the majority view.

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MP Stephen Morgan''CREDIT: Zooming Photography

MP Stephen Morgan''CREDIT: Zooming Photography

‘People voted to leave because they wanted a sovereign United Kingdom. 

‘A country whose parliament is in charge of how we regulate farming how we regulate our fishermen, how we build new homes and medicate sick people.

‘Whether people voted to leave or remain, the number one principle that unites us all is the value and respect we must have for democracy. 

‘Britain has led the growth in democracy around the world for almost 1,000 years.  Britain would be a much poorer place if we couldn't use our democratic voice. 

‘On the 23rd June 2016 Britain did just that.  We spoke, and the result was Britain leaving the European Union.’

It comes as Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid said a no-deal Brexit ‘may well happen’ on October 31 despite a law aimed at preventing Boris Johnson from taking the UK out of the European Union without an agreement.

Sajid Javid appeared uncertain as to how the UK will leave the EU on October 31 but said he thinks he knows how the Prime Minister intends to achieve it.

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The Benn Act was rushed through Parliament to require the Prime Minister to seek a delay to Brexit if a deal has not been agreed by October 19, or if MPs have not agreed to leave the EU without one.

Ms Jones added: ‘If I am elected to parliament to represent the people of Portsmouth South, I will be upholding the principles of British democracy and voting to deliver Brexit and get on with it.

‘Once that's done, I'll be fighting for the navy, for improved access to GP and dentists across the city and more police on the streets. 

‘Let's go and get Brexit done so we can start focusing on what's important to Britain and her people.’

Current Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan also wrote a letter to The News last week demanding the final deal to leave the EU is put to a public vote ‘when the facts are known’ – and has vowed to vote remain if it happens.