Portsmouth resident calls for review of double-yellow lines to stop parking issues

A PORTSMOUTH resident is hoping people power can ease some of the city's parking issues.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 7:44 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:59 pm
Randolph Road Picture: Habibur Rahman

Kevan Kavanagh, of Templeton Close, was buoyed when the council agreed to review double-yellow lines on a junction that he said were painted in ‘unnecessary long runs.’

The 72-year-old thinks reducing the lengths of the lines would create extra parking spaces on the corners of Battenburg Avenue and Randolph Road. He said: ‘I noticed there was a huge divergence in the length of double yellow lines on the roads. Those at Battenburg Avenue and Randolph Road were particularly long. It would be quite easy to get some extra spaces there.’

Cllr Lynne Stagg, the council’s head of transportation, said: ‘We are consulting on a proposal to reduce the double-yellow lines at the crossroads of Battenburg Avenue and Randolph Road, and welcome comments.

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Randolph Road Picture: Habibur Rahman

‘We regularly review double-yellow lines and consult on changes via a number of traffic orders each year. The city is changing all the time, and it is important that we respond.’

Mr Kavanagh added: ‘This isn’t just about that junction. I don’t know if residents should make the council aware of other places where double yellow lines are too long. I don’t think the council has the time or resources to check every street in the city.’

Nearby residents thought changes would be worthwhile.

Colin Wood, 74, of St Chad’s Avenue, said: ‘It can be an absolute nightmare. I see drivers going round and round looking for spaces. It would be a good thing if they were able to shorten the double-yellow lines there.’

Battenburg Avenue resident Barbara Charlton, 83, said: ‘I have seen people parking on the yellow lines. I have heard words exchanged between people that have been trying to park out there saying things like “Well, you had this spot last night so I am having this spot etc.”

‘Normally it is jam-packed once they all get home.’

‘Even one or two more spaces would make quite a bit of difference, especially with the old people here as they like to park their cars outside their homes.

Keith Streat, 82, added: ‘I thought before that the lines were a bit long, you can at least get another car there. They could get another four if they cut them down on each corner. I would say that would help with parking here quite a bit.’

Sheila Ripiner, 80, who lives on the corner of Battenburg Avenue and Randolph Road, said: ‘A lot of people park on the lines. A few months ago a car was parked there. They must have got a ticket because the driver asked if I had reported them but I hadn’t.’