Portsmouth smoking victims tell their stories in new emotional film

  • Residents from across Portsmouth appear in emotional video to tell their tales about smoking
  • Film has been made to highlight dangers of the habit
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AN EMOTIONAL film has been made about people who have had their lives irreversibly changed by smoking to show the impact that the habit has had on their lives.

The six-minute film has been put together by Portsmouth City Council to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and features people from all walks of life across the city.

An emotional film has been made about the impact smoking can have on families

An emotional film has been made about the impact smoking can have on families

Isabelle. 11 and Grace Hutton, nine, from Cosham, lost their mum Paula Hutton, 45 – who could smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day – to metastatic lung cancer back in 2013.

The sisters explore the impact of losing their mum in an emotional segment of the video.

Grace told The News: ‘I’d say to people now that if you saw the effect that smoking could have on your life now, would you still light that cigarette?

‘Mum knew that it was causing her damage but she kept going anyway. I hope that this video shows what smoking can do.’

I wake up every morning and I am gasping for breath

Lenny Higgins

Also appearing in the video was Lenny Higgins, 58, from Southsea who has been diagnosed with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as the result of his 40-year smoking addiction.

He said: ‘I wake up every morning and I am gasping for breath. When I was told that I had COPD, that was when I knew I had to start doing something about it.’

The probation officer added: ‘It’s a very powerful video and I hope that people get the message now to stop sooner rather than later or they’ll come to regret it.’

Trevor Field, 55, from Hilsea, started smoking at the age of 11 due to peer pressure. He realised the full extent of his addiction when his step-daughter stopped him from seeing his grand-children and he suffered two separate heart-attacks.

He said: ‘I found myself lying in a hospital bed at 3am thinking about what I had done and how I had affected other people by being selfish. It really brought it home to me and I decided to give it up. People need to know about the impact of smoking.’

The video will be shown on the Big Screen in Guildhall Square and at screens at Cosham’s Queen Alexandra Hospital.