Portsmouth social club gets go-ahead to hold late-night events

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COUNCILLORS have given a social club the go-ahead to hold late-night entertainment at weekends.

Cosham Social Club, in Wayte Street, Cosham, Portsmouth, can now play music on the first floor from 10am until midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Alcohol can also be served until 1am.

The licence was given by the council’s licensing sub committee at a meeting yesterday, despite opposition from neighbours who live near the premises.

Residents wrote to the council saying there had been issues with drunken behaviour and people causing problems while standing outside smoking.

Councillor Les Stevens, chairman of the council’s licensing committee, said: ‘I have been outside that premises during the day and the evening and it’s not good for people walking by.’

Dave Smith, secretary for Portsmouth Trade Union Club & Institute Limited, which runs the club, said he would consider solving the issue by letting people smoke out of the back door as it doesn’t overlook any houses.

‘One of the problems we have is regarding smokers,’ he said.

‘They have to go outside and it’s one of the worst things that have ever happened.

‘But we have a plan to make them go out the rear entrance where there is a Tesco and no residental areas at all.’

Councillors agreed to grant the licence on the condition that no-one is allowed in after 11pm and two security guards are hired. Windows on the first floor aren’t allowed to be opened while music is played.

A challenge 21 age policy in regards to the sale of alcohol also needs to be enforced.

CCTV will be installed.

Meanwhile, Portsmouth Trade Union Club & Institute Limited’s application for an identical late night licence at Fratton Social Club was refused at the same meeting.

The committee felt problems with noise and anti-social behaviour would get worse.

Ken Brown, 64, who lives next door, told how he was woken up by a family having a fight outside the club last month. ‘I was woken up by a fight out the front,’ he said.

‘Justice has been done, it’s as simple as that.’