Portsmouth South MP urges government not to dismiss war in Yemen

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PORTSMOUTH South MP Flick Drummond has urged the government not to underestimate the effect of war in Yemen.

The Tory MP, who was born in Aden, Yemen, said the cause was ‘close to her heart’ as she spoke in the House of Commons yesterday.

She said: ‘The situation is becoming critical... Vital infrastructure, critical for aid delivery and post-war reconstruction, has been severely damaged, including ports, airports, bridges and roads. With no ceasefire, the crisis seems to deepen.’

Mrs Drummond was speaking in support of MP for Leicester East Keith Vaz who brought the debate to Westminster Hall

She said: ‘The Yemen crisis should be given a higher priority on the global agenda and made a priority in the provision of emergency aid.’

She urged the government to put pressure on all parties, particularly Saudi Arabia, to hold a ceasefire and find a way for aid agencies to reach those in need.