Proposals for Havant makeover go on show

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PLANS for a major revamp of Havant town centre are due to go out for consultation next month.

Havant Borough Council has arranged a public exhibition at the Meridian Centre between Tuesday, August 14 and Friday, August 17.

Ideas and suggestions will be welcomed and visitors will be encouraged to complete a short questionnaire.

Council officials said consultation with landowners in the town had taken place over a long period of time.

But they stress there are no firm plans.

As reported, landowners have been presented with speculative plans to demolish several buildings in East Street, including the White Hart pub.

The proposals they were presented with also include the creation of a new town square next to St Faith’s Church.

Councillor David Guest, who oversees planning, said: ‘Despite circulating rumours no redevelopment ideas have yet been determined.

‘However, it is expected that landowners will continue to prepare their own separate plans for sporadic redevelopment proposals unless a comprehensive scheme is agreed between them.

‘Havant Borough Council is leading efforts to achieve this to get the best possible result for Havant.

‘Residents are urged to attend the public exhibition to learn more about redevelopment possibilities and play a part in a structured public debate.’