Protest planned for Vince Cable visit to Portsmouth port

Vince Cable
Vince Cable
Hampshire police and crime commissioner Michael Lane 

Picture: Malcolm Wells

Crime commissioner appeals for extra council tax cash to cover Hampshire police’s £10m shortfall

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CAMPAIGNERS are to hold a protest against the coalition government when minister Vince Cable visits the city tomorrow morning.

The Lib Dem business secretary will officially open the Portsmouth International Port terminal building at 9am.

It will be his first visit since April last year, when he told Liberal Democrat campaigners the Tories had ‘been wrong on every economic issue of the last five years’. Just a month later, he and his party colleagues were in a coalition.

Portsmouth Against Cuts Together (Pact) is calling for people to gather at the port at 8.30am, to show their unhappiness with government budget cuts.

Pact member Jon Woods said: ‘We want to show him there’s real opposition to what his government is doing. His Lib Dem party is enabling the Tories to enact a slash and burn policy on public services, benefits and pensions. He may not be the ringleader but he is helping it to happen.

‘We know it’s early, and many people will have to go to work, but we hope people will come along if they can, just to let Mr Cable know how we feel.’