Questions raised of Fareham homes given the green light

An artist's impression of Welborne
An artist's impression of Welborne

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NEIGHBOURS are concerned about the number of houses being built in Fareham after a planning application was approved for seven new homes.

People living in Fareham Park Road and Cort Way, in Fareham, objected to the four-bedroom houses which will be built off Fareham Park Road, in the north west of the town.

Despite receiving numerous objection letters and a petition, Fareham Borough Council’s planning committee approved the application.

But people say they do not understand why the development was agreed while plans for a new town called Welborne are still a possibility.

Others also raised concerns with traffic and loss of environment.

Sasha Passey, from Cort Way, said: ‘Fareham Park Road is a very busy school road and where the land is, there is a bridle path and woods. It will cause major problems for our wildlife and animals.’

Catherine Hester, also from Cort Way, agreed. She is concerned about the impact the houses will have on the environment.

She said: ‘I am fully aware that 3,727 dwellings need to be provided before 2026.

‘But there is a need to protect and enhance wildlife corridors and bat surveys carried out state the site is considered to offer high potential for supporting foraging and commuting bats.’

For Fareham Park Road resident Barrie Mason, the biggest issue is the development coming before Welborne.

He said: ‘Issues of safety, environment and traffic congestion are still issues.

‘But we can see no reason to develop this land due to the construction of 7,000 homes north of Fareham.’

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: ‘This application was yet another plan to infill on land designated as a special interest. The whole idea of the new development to the north of Fareham was that no more of this type of development would be approved.’

The site will have detached houses with access through the current entrance to Hope Lodge. A second entrance would also be made from Fareham Park Road.

The council, in its conclusion of the application, said: ‘The development is considered to be of a reasonable density in comparison to the surrounding development.

‘Access has been adjusted to meet highway requirements and it will not adversely affect ecological interests.

‘It will also contribute towards the achievement of affordable