READER OPINION: The rise in foreign aid is an obscenity

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In the budget, foreign aid is to rise by £400m.

This is an obscenity and is another area where this government has lost the plot – and I am a Conservative, God help me!

I do not understand the logic when this money could help to alleviate the awful conditions in the NHS and, in particular, to rectify the appalling treatment of the elderly which is highlighted almost daily in the media.

Charity is all very well, but we should look after our own country and people first.

The Department for International Development said we must continue with this policy because failure to do so would invite the problems of conflict, migration and disease in these overseas nations to be visited on us here in the UK.

I can think of other ways of preventing this happening, but in this politically correct era we live in, I cannot say!

*This letter was submitted to The News by Norman Davies of Rosemary Way, Horndean