READER’S OPINION: The major industrial nations of Europe will notice our absence more than us

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Let us never forgot while considering Brexit that too much is being quoted about what we will lose by leaving.

The major industrial nations of Europe will notice our absence more than us.

We import more from them than they buy from us – end of story.

Germany sells the UK 800,000 cars yearly, a staggering number and 18,000 German jobs depend on it. Plus much heavy machinery.

France sell us prodigious amounts of wine, cheese and foodstuffs plus cars, Italy the same with wine and food plus vast amounts of clothing.

Not forgetting the mass tourist revenue they all enjoy.

Any deal is not just for our benefit, they will gain or lose more from our absence and what is paramount is that both Europe and UK citizens is that the only way is a deal that suits everyone.

We must not tolerate any form of ‘punishment’, no ganging up, trade with us is a must for them, absolute must and co-operation on defence, security equally so.

A deal must suit all nations but our finger must be on the immigration trigger.

Incidentally, the media reported that of the estimated 22,000 prostitutes in London, 18,000 are from the EU and that 95 per cent were on benefits.

Worth a thought if we start ‘clearing the decks.