READER'S OPINION: Boycott the National Trust until the word '˜Easter' is reinstated

I must endorse Clive Smith's article about the removal of the word '˜Easter' (What's the point of marking occasion and not naming it?, April 11).

Sunday, 16th April 2017, 5:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:17 pm

I have already sent an email to the National Trust expressing my views on their lack of thought – particularly offending my religion to appease others.

How dare they?

As Clive states it is part of our heritage and our religion and has been for many years and should remain so.

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I also mentioned it is not to do with complaints from those with other religions because there are none; the hatred is caused through cases like this.

I will encourage the parents of children to boycott the National Trust until the Easter title is reinstated.

It is bad enough with our way of life being eroded by the morons at the EU and the unelected PM whom I ignore anyway.

One must also remember how many lives have been lost in two world wars to maintain our freedom.

I am sure HM Forces are of the same opinion plus those of us who are veterans.

* This letter was submitted to The News by SJ Carter of Allaway Avenue, Paulsgrove