Recession hampers the development of Gosport bus station

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GOSPORT’S bus station is ‘knackered’ but the recession has hindered plans to redevelop it, a council boss has said.

The chief executive of Gosport Borough Council, Ian Lycett, was questioned by shopkeepers about the state of the bus station at a meeting on Tuesday.

He said the council could do more to make the bus station look better but that plans to redevelop the area had been hampered by the recession.

Mr Lycett said: ‘The bus station is awful and the council has been trying to knock it down for years.

‘We started an investment plan and we got approval to go ahead and market it and then we hit the recession and we have been struggling to know what to do with it.

‘We have got to knock it down and we need something on that site that says “come over to Gosport and see what we have here.”

‘The building is knackered.

‘I fully accept we should do something to make it look better.’

Retailers met with the council to discuss ideas on how to boost the town centre.