Report scolds coalition over defence spending

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RETIRED senior military officers have criticised the government for having an ‘incoherent’ defence policy.

A new report from the Portsmouth-based UK National Defence Association has criticised the government’s approach to military spending.

It says billions have been spent on aircraft carriers with no aircraft, while military personnel are being made redundant in their thousands.

The report, which has been released today, is authored by a group of retired senior military officers including Air Chief Marshall Sir Michael Graydon, General Sir Michael Rose and Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham.

The report says: ‘Defence needs steady and predictable funding. Today’s equipment was ordered 20 or more years ago and, in turn, our successors will fight with what we provide today.

‘Short-term savings could have a profound effect on the nation’s security in 2030.’

The report also warns of the effects of cuts on loyalty and service among servicemen and women.

It comes after Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, last week warned the armed forces could not take any more large-scale spending cuts.