Residents are given reminder to register for 2014 votes

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DON’T forget to register to vote.

That is the message from Portsmouth City Council as thousands of households are set to receive letters containing this year’s annual voter registration form,

The council is reminding people that even if they pay council tax, they will not automatically be registered to vote on the new electoral register for 2014.

Anyone who is not on the register will not be able to vote. Residents are asked to complete and return their forms as soon as possible.

David Williams, chief executive of the council and electoral registration officer, said: ‘Registering to vote helps you retain your voice in decisions that affect you and your community.

‘We are reminding residents, if they haven’t already done so, they should spend a few minutes filling in the form and then returning it.’

Residents have a legal requirement to return their form and can be fined for not doing so.

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