Residents criticise Gosport council for long waiting lists for allotments

A freshly-dug allotment
A freshly-dug allotment
  • People wanting an allotment say the long wait for their nearest site is ridiculous
  • Gosport Borough Council has launched a new initiative to get some of the waiting lists cut down
  • Some of the sites have an eight-year wait
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THE waiting list for an allotment in Gosport is up to eight years for some sites.

Now, in a bid to reduce the length of time someone has to wait for a plot of land the council has started a new initiative.

My nearest one is in Rowner but three years is a ridiculous amount of time to wait.

Jayne Brown

But people on the list say the council should be doing more, calling the lengthy waiting times ridiculous.

In a bid to cut the wait, Gosport Borough Council is offering people the chance to change their preferred site to one with a shorter waiting list.

As of January, 275 people are waiting for an allotment.

Resident Jayne Brown, who wants an allotment, said she has not put her name down because the site within walking distance has a three-year waiting list.

The 76-year-old said: ‘My nearest one is in Rowner but three years is a ridiculous length of time to wait.

‘I would need to walk there so other sites don’t have the same appeal to me.’

Mrs Brown added: ‘It is about time the council is doing something about it though.’

Fellow Rowner resident Bill Thorpe said: ‘Waiting years for an allotment is absurd.’

Three of the 10 sites in Gosport have a shorter waiting list of just one month. They are Brockhurst, Camden and Middlecroft.

But others such as Tukes Avenue and Wych Lane have a waiting list of eight and five years respectively.

Vice-chairman of the Allotments Association Jim More suggested the idea. He said: ‘I am really glad the council has moved forward with my idea.

‘This is the perfect time of year to get people on to the vacant allotments on the bigger sites.’

A spokeswoman from the council said: ‘We are introducing the option for those on the waiting list to change their preferred site as there are so many people waiting to get growing.’