Residents face fresh fight in Gosport planning saga

CAMPAIGNERS have a fresh battle on their hands to stop a fence being put up at a former factory after already thwarting two applications to build homes on the site.

Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 6:00 am
The Tecsew factory in Camden Street, Gosport

Residents of Camden Street and Camden Terrace, in Gosport, helped put a stop to two planning applications to convert the Tecsew factory into seven and then six homes respectively.

As reported, Gosport Borough Council’s regulatory board turned down the plans twice.

Applicant John Bland appealed but government official threw out the application.

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An example of palisade fencing

But residents are now worried that a proposal to build a 2.4m palisade fence at the same factory will block out daylight and will be an eyesore.

A number of people have made public comments on the council’s website expressing their concerns.

Ben Hodges, of Camden Street, said: ‘Should the erection of the fencing go ahead, the residents of Camden Terrace would have a view out of the front of their property of steel fencing.

‘It would not only spoil the quiet enjoyment of the gardens at the front of their properties but would also make the houses seem enclosed.’

An example of palisade fencing

Dale Fletcher, also of Camden Street, added: ‘I do not feel that it is in keeping with the character of the street. The key to physical security of the property, whether it’s occupied or dormant, is having a positive relationship with neighbours.

‘We as neighbours are best placed to keep the building safe.’

Mr Bland has since sold the factory after moving his marine upholstery business Tecsew to the Daedalus Enterprise Zone.

Kevin Jones, new owner of the site and director of company Tidebank, submitted the fence plan to the council. He said: ‘We submitted the application to try and avoid further irritation to the local residents by safely fencing the site off. We have chosen this type of fencing as it is safe, strong and secure. This is the same sort used by public utilities to fence off sub stations and the like.

‘It’s designed to allow light through and is a light grey coloured galvanised steel so it won’t rust or deteriorate like a wooden or painted fence would.’