Residents oppose proposal for new power station in Bishop's Waltham

PLANS for a new power station near a village have been objected by hundreds of residents.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 9:33 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:00 pm

People living in Bishop's Waltham are opposed to the application for the gas-powered generation facility, on Locks Farm, Botley Road.

Four hundred comments have been made against the proposal submitted to Winchester City Council by applicant Paul Gazzard.

The plans are for 10 generators, five transformers, a substation and cabins on the land 1km south of the village.

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The main concerns for residents is the station's location, the noise and emissions it could emit and the environment damage it could cause.

They were also angry they were no consulted before an application was drawn up.

John Rosling, speaking on behalf of the community, said: '˜Our view collectively is that we aren't against the need of a power station, just where it is being planned.

'˜We have a lot of solar energy in Bishop's Waltham and we aren't people who complain about things like this. But this is close to the village, close to people's home and historic monuments.

'˜There will be a high level of noise, noxious emissions and it will have an ecological impact.'

The application said the gas-powered generation facility will respond to calls from National Grid when energy demand outstrips supply to avoid blackouts.

A statement from Enzygo, the agent behind the application said: '˜Planning applications like this are submitted with little public interest, and a similar scheme was submitted less than 1km from the site last year.

'˜That received one objection and no comment from the parish council.

'˜The level of interest generated to this application is unprecedented. We are working closely with the local authority to ensure residents have access to accurate information, and understand the development.'

Bishop's Waltham Parish Council held a meeting on the power station and around 120 residents attended.

Mr Rosling added: '˜400 people have opposed along with Hampshire County Council and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

'˜If this goes to the planning committee, I would hope these objections won't be ignored.'