Residents pleased with banning order to rid area of aggressive yobs

PEOPLE who have been subjected to yobs kicking footballs and cars and riding mopeds across a green have welcomed a banning order.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 4:55 am
Hardway Slipway at Gosport. Picture Ian Hargreaves

Councillors last night approved for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to be introduced in Gosport.

The news comes after residents spent months campaigning for teenagers to be banned from the green space at Hardway Slipway, following numerous reports of anti-social behaviour.

Following the move, teenagers will not be banned outright from the site, but can be banned by police for anti-social behaviour.

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Cllr Roger Allen

Michael Hayward, 58, said: ‘This is really good news because it will be in before it starts getting warmer.

‘We all know how it is when summer hits but I think we are now on the right path.

‘I’m quite happy with the result and I think we are going to see a big change.

‘This is a nice area for everybody to enjoy and hopefully we can return to that.

Cllr Roger Allen

‘Hopefully these people get the message – we don’t want them here.

‘Nobody wants this rabble running around and causing chaos, abusing people and being a nuisance, so this PSPO is really good news for all of us.’

One resident, who wanted to stay anonymous, said: ‘We are delighted because we have been fighting for this for so long.

‘It has been six years and in that time it has slowly been getting worse.

‘We have dreaded the summer and I have never felt like that before.

‘To be honest, I think this will eventually be introduced right across the borough – we are already hearing of problems elsewhere and the teens from here will probably just go there instead.’

Another resident, who also wanted to be anonymous, said: ‘I walk through here all the time and signed the petition straight away.

‘I would never sit down on the benches when these people are down there though.

‘I’m delighted about this and will be around there a lot more now.’

Hardway ward councillor Cllr Roger Allen has been helping lead the campaign.

He said: ‘We are all very happy that this PSPO has gone through and I think the residents of Hardway will be pleased with the news.

‘It is up to us as a council to provide everyone with all the means we can to make sure they have a safe home and peace and quiet – without the mayhem that has been caused as of late.

‘There have been people crying down the phone with how bad things have been, so I am glad that we now have closure.’

The PSPO will come into effect on Sunday, April 1, and stand for three years.