Residents react after Portsmouth Lord Mayor's car is pictured parked in bus stop

The city council has warned chauffeurs ferrying the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth around about where they park after the mayoral limousine was pictured parked at a bus stop.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 11:40 am
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 3:59 am
Lord Mayor's car parked illegally on London Road, Portsmouth

The Jaguar XF was repeatedly parked at the stop yards away from Cllr Lee Mason's home in London Road, Copnor.

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Chauffeurs in hot water as Portsmouth mayoral car caught parked at bus stop

Cllr Mason claimed there was special dispensation as the mayoress, his mum Sylvia, is disabled.

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Lord Mayor's car parked illegally on London Road, Portsmouth

We went out onto the streets of Portsmouth to ask people what they thought of the city council's warning.

Ellie King, 21, legal secretary apprentice from Gosport

'˜I think it is really inappropriate that the mayor deems it acceptable to park in the bus lane. Why should he be allowed to break the rules and face no consequences? He is the mayor meaning we are meant to look up to him and this sets a terrible example for the locals. Also caused a great inconvenience to anyone in the area, not only for the bus routes but anyone driving in the area.

'˜Unless he has a good excuse, I do not agree with this at all.'

Cllr Lee Mason. Picture: Vernon Nash

Isaac Garg, 18, a student from Cosham

'˜I think that just because he's in power he shouldn't have his own laws. The Highway Code is there to protect people and everyone; even the mayor should follow it.'

Sophie Christian, 23, a student from Haywards Heath

'˜He was out of order and shouldn't park there. It could possibly be an abuse of power and it could ruin the bus times putting communities behind their own schedule.'

Paris Bonwick, 25, from Fareham

'˜He's breaking the rules. The mayor shouldn't be parking in a bus lane if no one else is allowed.'

Theresa Clark, 48, a teaching assistant from Fratton

'˜I don't think it's a written rule that mayors get special privileges to drive in the bus lane, so surely that means anyone can. If it was his driver that knowingly drove in the bus lane, then he should know better.

'˜The traffic caused could lead to accidents. If you see someone doing something that they shouldn't be doing, that could lead to other people doing the same.'