Resurfacing plans will help reduce ‘nuisance noise’ of the M27


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RESIDENTS have welcomed the move to see noise coming from the motorway reduced.

Fareham MP Mark Hoban has written to the Highways Agency about reducing the noise of the M27.

And thanks to his letter, plans have been drawn up to resurface the road with special, noise-lowering material by the end of 2016.

The move has been praised by people who live near the M27, in Fareham.

Julie Freegard lives in Furzehall Avenue, near Junction 10, and said the noise is a big problem.

The 54-year-old said it can be so loud that it stops her husband Paul from sleeping.

‘All we need to have is one small window open and you can hear it,’ she said.

‘It keeps my husband awake at night sometimes, it is just that loud.

‘I think it is good that Mark Hoban has written to the Highways Agency and is getting it reduced.

‘It definitely needs doing.’

For her neighbour, Wanda Gill, the noise is something she has had to get used to.

The 69-year-old said: ‘We have been here for the past seven years and we still hear the motorway.

‘Although you do try and get used it.

‘But it is definitely an issue which needs solving.’

Anthony Browning, who only lives 400 yards away from the M27 in Kiln Road, said the noise was tremendous.

‘The motorway has been noisy for years,’ he said.

‘Motorbikes are particularly bad and it was a problem that needed fixing ages ago.’

Plans agreed between Mr Hoban and the Highways Agency will see the road running west of Funtley Road towards Fareham Park Road resurfaced with noise lowering material by the end of 2016.

The road running between the eastern end of the Meadows and towards the west facing slip roads of junction 11 will also be resurfaced with noise lowering material.

A review of the M27 in Fareham will also take place as part of a four year programme.

Mr Hoban said: ‘I am happy that the noise problems from the M27 are going to be sorted.

‘The noise is a nuisance but I think the resurfacing agreements are a step in the right direction.

‘So many residents are affected by the issue that it had to be dealt with especially as the road is used so often.

‘I don’t think there has been enough improvements on the M27 so this is needed.’