Revamp will boost town’s signs and promote Gosport

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THE town centre in Gosport is set for a spruce-up with an investment of £170,000.

Old signs and street furniture will be removed, lampposts re-painted, and seating, bins and railings repaired.

A grant of £85,000 has been awarded from Partnership for Urban South Hampshire, with the rest of the cash match-funded from other sources.

And Hampshire County Council is forking out for a ‘wayfinding’ project, after it got cash from the government.

That project will see new signposts in the town, featuring maps and destination icons, which will have more information on them next to key locations.

Graham Burgess is the deputy leader of Gosport Borough Council.

He said: ‘It’s a case of having separate signs, which are the same throughout.

‘It makes it easier for people to read them. It was something that was asked for – it will tidy things up.’

It comes after a survey of residents by Gosport’s Town Team, a group of volunteers who have a fund of £110,000 to improve the town.

In the survey, 11,000 people said public spaces and signs were a particular concern.

Now the proposed work is due for approval at the borough council’s economic development board next Wednesday.

It will see improved signs for businesses, refurbishment of bollards and improved promotion of Gosport Gallery, in Walpole Road.

And it will potentially see improvement works at the eastern end of the High Street and North Cross Street.

The date for that work is not yet set but the work on the wayfinding project will be in autumn and winter this year.

Graham Jacobs, the chairman of the Town Team, said: ‘We came up with an idea called a walking metro, that was all about better signage.

‘That’s been shelved on the back of the county council now doing this.

‘We’re supporting it and we’re looking at other ways we might be able to enhance it with some of our own funds.’

He added the group may be looking into funding signs outside the marinas.

Cllr Seán Woodward is the executive member for transport at the county council.

He said: ‘It seemed a town centre that is not as vibrant as local people might wish.

‘There are things there that people might not know are there in Gosport, it is good to publicise those as much as possible.’