Revealed – the list of people who are after your votes

VOTES Stephen Hedges with a ballot box at last year's elections
VOTES Stephen Hedges with a ballot box at last year's elections
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POLITICAL hopefuls across the area have thrown their hats into the ring for next month’s local elections.

Candidates hoping to win your vote have been announced for Portsmouth City Council, East Hants District Council, Chichester District Council and Winchester City Council.

Those who will contest Havant Borough Council’s elections will be named in The News tomorrow.

The elections will take place on May 5, and will see 76 council seats contested across the area.

In Gosport, there are no borough council elections, but a Hampshire County Council by-election will take place at Lee (Gosport), where a replacement will be chosen for Cllr Margaret Snaith-Tempia.

But one of the hardest-fought seats looks set to be in Portsmouth City Council’s Milton ward, where Lib Dem council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson faces a challenge from Tory Chris Hirst and Labour’s Ken Ferrett.

In 2007, Cllr Vernon-Jackson won the seat with a tiny 37-vote majority over Tory challenger Sarah Dinenage, but he hopes to retain it by a wider margin this time around.

He said: ‘It was a close-run thing, but lots has changed since then and at the Milton election last May the Lib Dems won by 1,250 votes. I hope people will look at everything we’ve done for the city.

‘Everyone knows there have had to be cuts, but we’ve kept libraries and children’s centres open across the city, which other councils have failed to do.

‘People will look at what is going on in the city and make a judgement on that.’

Tory candidate Chris Hirst, a business development manager for a business and young people’s charity, said: ‘I hope to win the seat because I want to do what’s best for Milton and represent the people’s interests.

‘I want to make sure there’s no more overdevelopment, so parking improves, and protect businesses, including preserving Milton Market.’

Labour’s Ken Ferrett was unable to speak to The News yesterday.

All candidates’ lists will be finalised at 12pm today.

East Hants District Council

Clanfield and Finchdean (two seats)

Margaret Broome, Labour

Michael Burgess, Labour

Richard Judd, Liberal Democrat

Bill Phipps, Liberal Democrat

Ken Moon, Conservative

David Newberry, Conservative

East Meon

David Parkinson, Conservative

Horndean (Catherington and Lovedean)

Peter Humphreys, Lib Dem

Sara Schillemore, Conservative

Horndean (Downs)

Julia Marshall, Conservative

Margaret Pain, Labour

Terry Port, Lib Dem

Horndean (Hazleton and Blendworth)

Dorothy Denston, Conservative

Shirley Port, Lib Dem

Horndean (Kings)

Samantha Darragh, Lib Dem

David Evans, Conservative

Derek Thompson, Labour

Horndean (Murray)

Lynn Evans, Conservative

Katie Green, Labour

Ian Maiden, Lib Dem

Petersfield (Bell Hill)

Grant Budden, Lib Dem

Beth Vaughan, Labour

John West, Conservative

Petersfield (Causeway)

Philip Aiston, Conservative

James Bridge, Labour

Chris Mills, Lib Dem

Petersfield (Heath)

Julie Butler, Conservative

Petersfield (Rother)

Bob Ayer, Conservative

Bill Organ, Labour

Petersfield (St Marys)

Julie Dickinson, Labour

Guy Stacpoole, Conservative

Petersfield (St. Peters)

Hilary Ayer, Conservative

Rowlands Castle

Greg Beckett-Leonard, Labour

Marge Harvey, Conservative

Steve Protheroe, Lib Dem

Winchester City Council

Bishops Waltham

Colin Chamberlain, Independent

Steve Haines, Labour

Samantha Inns, Conservative

Murari Kaushik, Lib Dem


Robert Beadle, Lib Dem

David Picton-Jones, Labour

Patricia Stallard, Conservative

Swanmore and Newtown

Roger Bentote, Lib Dem

Patricia Hayward, Labour

Frank Pearson, Conservative

Upper Meon Valley

Norma Bodtger, Conservative

Ian Wight, Labour


Clive Coldwell, Labour

Paul Humphrey, Conservative

Samantha Newman-McKie, Lib Dem


Angela Clear, Lib Dem

Caroline Dibden, Conservative

Benjamin Thomas, Labour

Portsmouth City Council


Daryn Brewer, Conservative

Sarah Coote, Green

Ian Ducane, English Democrats

Lynne Stagg, Lib Dem

David Tucker, Independent

Julian Wright, Labour

Central Southsea

Margaret Adair, Lib Dem

Massoud Esmaili, Conservative

Frances Pilling, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Rob Smith, Labour

Charles Dickens

Russell Anderson, Green

Sarah Cooke, Labour

Matt Davies, Conservative

Steven Wylie, Lib Dem


Stephen Fletcher, Lib Dem

David Knight, English Democrats

Robert New, Conservative

Simon Payne, Labour


Graham Heaney, Labour

Lee Mason, Conservative

Steve Pearson, Lib Dem

Drayton and Farlington

Ken Ellcome, Conservative

Steve Lanson-Dale, Lib Dem

Paul Middleton, Labour

Dave Ward, English Democrats

Eastney and Craneswater

Terry Hall, Lib Dem

Peter Lawrence, English Democrats

Gerry Oldfield, Conservative

Rosalie Ward, Labour


John Attrill, Labour

Terry Judkins, Conservative

John Pickett, TUSC

Eleanor Scott, Lib Dem


Michelle Cole, Lib Dem

Alistair Thompson, Conservative

Michelle Treacher, Labour


Ken Ferrett, Labour

Chris Hirst, Conservative

Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem


Audrey Arnell, Conservative

John Ferrett, Labour

Leo Madden, Lib Dem


Oliver Greenwood, Conservative

David Horne, Labour

Will Purvis, Lib Dem

St Jude

Michael Andrewes, Lib Dem

Craig Cameron, Labour

Linda Symes, Conservative

St Thomas

John Lancaster, Labour

Les Stevens, Lib Dem

Sandra Stockdale, Conservative

Chichester District Council

Bosham (two seats)

Jonathan Brown, Lib Dem

Myles Cullen, Conservative

David Myers, Conservative

Wendy Pengelly, Labour

Chichester East (three seats)

Quentin Cox, Lib Dem

Ben Earnshaw-Mansell, Labour

Tony French, Lib Dem

Michael Woolley, Lib Dem

Chichester North (three seats)

Peter Budge, Conservative

Tony Dignum, Conservative

John Hughes, Lib Dem

Simon Lloyd-Williams, Conservative

Michael Mason, UKIP

Ivan Olney, Lib Dem

Richard Plowman, Lib Dem

Michael Waite, Labour

Chichester South (three seats)

Alan Chaplin, Lib Dem

Anne Scicluna, Lib Dem

David Siggs, Lib Dem

Lois Rowlands, Labour

Pam Dignum, Conservative

Steve Hastings, Conservative

Penny Lloyd, Conservative

Chichester West (three seats)

Clare Apel, Lib Dem

Michael Shone, Lib Dem

Lenon Beeson, Labour

Martyn Bell, Conservative

Bob Field, Conservative

Jim McCulloch, UKIP

East Wittering (two seats)

Graeme Barrett, Conservative

Peter Clementson, Conservative

Patrick O’Sullivan, Labour


Simon Carr, Lib Dem

Paul Ruscoe, Conservative


John Barstow, Conservative

Paul Rowlands, Labour

Andrew Smith, Lib Dem

Selsey North (three seats)

John Connor, Conservative

Margaret Dyer, Labour

Carol Purnell, Conservative

Ann Smith, Independent

Bev Tinson, Conservative

Selsey South (two seats)

Rolan O’Brien, Conservative

Fred Robertson, Conservative

Bernard Smith, UKIP

Michael Stevens, Labour

Southbourne (three seats)

Stephanie Cecil, Lib Dem

Alan Feltham, Independent

Bruce Finch, Conservative

Roger Gowlett, Lib Dem

Robert Hayes, Conservative

Graham Hicks, Conservative

Philip MacDougall, Lib Dem

Janet Miller, Labour


Maureen Elliott, Conservative

Alfred Jones, Lib Dem

West Wittering (two seats)

Gordon Churchill, Labour

Steve Crossley, Independent

Roger Marshall, Conservative

Pieter Montyn, Conservative

Roger Tilbury, Lib Dem

Hampshire County Council

Lee (Gosport) by-election to replace Margaret Snaith-Tempia

Graham Burgess, Conservative

Graham Giles, Labour

Angela Whitbread, Lib Dem