Review after delays to getting grass cut

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WARM weather, a shortage of trained staff and faulty equipment combined to leave open spaces looking overgrown, a council review discovered.

Havant Borough Council carried out a review after the authority received complaints about grass cutting earlier this year.

There were delays to cutting the grass, leaving some areas looking unkept.

The review found the problems arose because new staff needed to be trained and faults in machinery were not swiftly fixed.

This coincided with an April that was the third warmest on record, followed by a period of heavy rain in May.

A report by the council’s scrutiny board said: ‘As a council with its own workshops, we were dismayed to discover that grass cutting equipment, that had lain idle over the winter, was not ready for use at the start of the season, and that major defects had not been rectified on at least two “sit on” machines.’

Councillors are recommending that a repair regime is introduced.

The review expressed concern about the ‘shortage of trained staff’ earlier this year, but added the main culprit for the overgrown grass was the weather.