Review of town centre parking

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Cllr Hannah Hockaday

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MOST of the remaining on-street free parking spaces in Havant town centre are set to go amid a council parking review.

For years commuters and business workers have been able to park all day in West Street and in surrounding residential roads.

But Havant Borough Council plans to introduce waiting restrictions and double yellow lines in parts of West Street, Staunton Road, Western Road and Brockhampton Road.

Officials said one of the main reasons is safety as it is difficult for traffic to negotiate the narrow roads.

Roads have also become congested close to the level crossing at Bedhampton.

It comes after a review two years ago failed to see enough widespread support for a residents-only permit scheme in West Street.

Resident Michelle Holding, 47, said: ‘At the moment it’s chock-a-block on both sides. It’s not a road that’s designed to have this many cars on it.’

But she said waiting restrictions would not necessarily benefit residents.

She said: ‘If they are going to put in more restrictions in some places it’s going to make it even more congested in other areas.’

Robert Carvalho, 27, an optical advisor at Scrivens, who uses West Street to park his car while at work, said: ‘It’s kind of irritating the fact that you are paying to park just to go to work.

‘But I understand the reason they are doing it. It’s just annoying. If they could give businesses somewhere to park their cars or do a discount rate, it would be fantastic.’

Under the plan, some areas would have no waiting at any times, other parts would have no waiting between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. A limited number of free spaces would remain.

Councillor David Collins, head of parking, said: ‘We have come up with what we think is the best plan. We have got to consult the public. Some of the businesses might have some feedback to make which we have not foreseen.

‘As a result of the feedback we will come up with a firm plan.’