Road in Drayton to become a ‘no cold calling zone’

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NEIGHBOURS have banded together and made their road a ‘no cold calling zone.’

Residents of South Road, Drayton, will no longer be subject to salesmen trying to sell them products thanks to Simon Thornton suggesting they make it a ‘no cold calling zone.’

Simon, who was a house husband for eight years, was fed up of getting weekly calls of people selling items from door-to-door.

The father of two said: ‘I started to get fed up of people coming to my door trying to sell me stuff when it was obvious I didn’t need it.

‘I have never had a terrible experience but they can get quite rude when you tell them you do not want whatever it is they’re selling.

‘It is irritating so I decided I would try to get support from the neighbours and set up a zone.’

To make the road a zone, 66 per cent of the residents need to agree but 73 out of the 75 residents in South Road thought it was a good idea.

Simon added: ‘My wife and I sent around a letter asking the residents to get back to us and the majority of them did.

‘A few took a little longer but practically everyone climbed on board.

‘Considering you only need 66 per cent, I think it proves just how much people in the road wanted it to be stopped.

‘I know we have quite a few older people and they would prefer not to have people knocking on their door to sell them things when they find it difficult answering it.’

The next stage of the process is to get confirmation from Portsmouth City Council and to buy the signs.

This will make it clear to businesses that South Road is a ‘no cold calling zone.’

Simon wanted to ensure he did everything by the book and is grateful to the police and Trading Standards for helping him understand the way to go about the process.

Simon said: ‘There aren’t a lot of things you need to do but you have to do them right.

‘You have to give everyone a chance to express their views and we have to pay for our own signs but I am not sure how many we need so Trading Standards at the council have been really helpful.

For more information on ‘no cold calling zones’ visit the Portsmouth City Council website at