Roundabout needs to be cleaned up, councillors plead

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COUNCILLORS are calling for a roundabout in a town centre to be cleaned up.

Councillor Paul Whittle and Councillor Katrina Trott, from the Lib Dem party at Fareham Borough Council, are angry that the Quay Street roundabout has been left full of rubbish, glass and weeds.

At a recent full council meeting, Cllr Whittle was going to ask the council about the roundabout and what was being done to sort it.

But the question was removed from the agenda as the roundabout falls under Hampshire County Council’s authority and is owned by Tesco – which has a store nearby.

Cllr Whittle, the Lib Dem opposition leader, who also represents the ward the roundabout is in, said it was disgraceful that his question was thrown out.

‘I think it was disgraceful that the council executive and chief officer refused to accept my question regarding the state of Quay Street roundabout,’ he said.

‘This is something about which Councillor Trott and I as the ward councillors for the town centre receive a lot of comments and questions.

‘It is a matter of considerable interest to the public and residents.’

Barry Furness, a resident from Fareham, is appalled at the state of the roundabout compared to others in the town.

He said: ‘I have lived in Fareham all my life and I am proud of Fareham.

‘However I am appalled at the state of the Market Quay roundabout.

‘All the other roundabouts within the borough are looking absolutely lovely and I thank the parks department for looking after them so well.

‘But we cannot understand why the Market Quay roundabout has been allowed to get into such a sorry state.

‘It is the main through road to Gosport and, at the moment, presents a very bad advert for Fareham residents.’

But at the full council meeting, leader of the council Councillor Sean Woodward, said Hampshire County Council is in talks with Tesco to get it sorted.

Cllr Woodward, who is in charge of transport at the county council, said: ‘Tesco has received a letter saying they have 21 days to get the work completed.

‘If they don’t, the work will be completed by Fareham council or Hampshire County Council and they will pay for it.’