Roundabout’s speed limit set to be reduced

Rudmore Roundabout
Rudmore Roundabout

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A PUBLIC consultation has been opened on potential changes to a city centre roundabout.

Portsmouth City Council has announced that the speed limit on Rudmore Roundabout, in Landport, could be reduced to 30mph but the decision is open to a public consultation.

Traffic and transport officers at the council recommended that the limit should be reduced by 10mph to make the roundabout safer.

The change also aims to help reduce traffic coming off the M275.

But the cabinet member for traffic and transportation, Councillor Jason Fazackarley, said a decision will only be made when the consultation period has ended.

He said: ‘No decision has been made yet and it won’t be until all factors have been considered.

‘As part of their recommendations, the council officers suggested the speed limit be reduced to 30mph simply on a safety issue.

‘We have a series of traffic engineers and officers whose job it is to make recommendations.

‘Those suggestions then go to the public and ultimately a decision will be made on the officers’ views, the public’s and my own.

‘There are two main reasons behind the recommendations both which make sense at this point.

‘Having a lower speed limit will I hope stop accidents and should ease congestion.’

The public consultation is now open and will close on December 12.

But Councillor Fazackarley has said it is hard to know what people will think.

‘I have been a councillor for long enough to know that someone will oppose the plans but I don’t know what their comments might be,’ he said.

‘A lot of traffic schemes and changes get comments so I will probably be more surprised if we didn’t.

‘But people in the city are used to travelling at those speeds as a lot of roads are 20mph. In fact, we are one of the cities with the most widespread 20mph zones.

‘Most people probably travel slowly around that roundabout but you get the few who decide to go up to 40mph.’

If the change does go through, then a few alterations will be made to the roundabout and the slip road off the M275.

Cllr Fazackarley added that new signs will be put up along with revising the carriageway to operate at 30pmh as well.