Rubbish dumped below sign warning against fly-tipping

Fly-tipping in Airport Service Road Picture: Steve Aston
Fly-tipping in Airport Service Road Picture: Steve Aston
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TWO huge piles of rubbish, including household items, were fly-tipped – beneath a sign prohibiting the practice.

Sofas, white goods, flower pots, plastic and wooden slats were all part of the rubbish left on the industrial estate along Airport Service Road, in Portsmouth.

Roof tiles dumped in Laburnam Grove Picture: Irvine Forbes

Roof tiles dumped in Laburnam Grove Picture: Irvine Forbes

The waste was left beneath a bright red sign warning people against fly-tipping and that CCTV was in the area.

Resident Steve Aston snapped the picture and sent it to Portsmouth City Council.

A spokesman said the authority was ware of the fly-tipping at the site, at the junction with Robinson Way in Hilsea.

Mr Aston said: ‘There has been furniture there for the last few weeks and more has been added to it.

‘I couldn’t believe whoever dumped it would be so blatant to do it under a massive sign telling them not to.

‘It shows how little they care about the city and the environment.’

As previously revealed in The News recently more than £430,000 has been spent prosecuting and cleaning up after fly-tippers by local authorities.

There were 4,309 incidents of fly-tipping across this area over a 12-month period – at a cost of £433,000 to the taxpayer.

A spokesman from Portsmouth City Council said: ‘We’re aware of fly-tipping at the site on Airport Service Road and we’re pursuing three separate prosecutions relating to incidents in March.

‘However, the site isn’t public land so we can’t remove the rubbish ourselves.

‘We’ve asked the landowner to remove it and will do so again.

‘We’re always keen to get reports from residents about fly-tips.’

More fly-tipping was also snapped on Laburnum Grove, in North End. Tiles were seen dumped in a plastic bag in the road.

The resident who found it said: ‘Although it’s a small amount it just goes to show the mindless individuals that carry out this sort of thing.’

To help reduce fly-tipping, Hampshire County Council has agreed to proposals to set up a dedicated resource in Trading Standards to work exclusively on reducing fly-tipping.

The team will focus on improving reporting and intelligence to increase prosecutions, as well as promoting ways the public can help.

Councillor Rob Humby, executive member for environment at the county council, said: ‘For too long, some people feel they have been able to get away with blighting the countryside while leaving the council taxpayer to pick up the bill. The majority of Hampshire’s residents have had to suffer from the actions of an irresponsible minority.’

Residents who spot dumped rubbish in Portsmouth can call (023) 9284 1631, use the ‘report’ button at or use the My Portsmouth mobile app.