School needs to clamp down on playground bullies, say parents

BULLYING needs to be urgently tackled at Stamshaw Junior School, worried parents have demanded.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 6:00 am
Concerns have been raised at Stamshaw Junior School
Concerns have been raised at Stamshaw Junior School

Scores of parents have told how children are plagued by bullies – a situation highlighted by Ofsted in its latest inspection of the site.

Now they are demanding action to tackle the issue, which some claim is driving more and more youngsters away from the school.

Sharon Rapson has a 10-year-old granddaughter at the school. She said: ‘This is wrong. The kids are suffering at the end of the day because the education is not being given.

‘They come into school to learn but all they’re getting is bullied. Nothing is ever done to deal with the bullying. It’s just swept under the carpet and never dealt with.’

Sky Shepherd, 49, is moving her daughter, Evie, to another school.

She said: ‘Nothing gets done – even when you go in and complain. Evie has been bullied, she’s had stuff stolen out of her bag, but the school just lets it happen.

‘I’ve got all the forms ready to move her out, I just need to schools to stamp them. Then that’s it, she’s gone.

‘She’s doing as well as she can, but when Evie gets up in the morning she doesn’t want to go in.’

Mum-of-two Natasha Blyth, 29, of Portsmouth, was horrified by the latest Ofsted report.

She said: ‘It’s absolutely disgusting. There’s a load of improvement that needs to be done.’

One parent, who has a daughter at the school and asked not to be named, said: ‘The teachers do not seem to have a grip of the kids causing problems.’

Another parent claimed more and more children were moving schools, adding: ‘My daughter is here and five of the children in her class have left to go to other schools in the past week – including her best friend. This is a growing concern for parents.

‘I’ve spoken to other people with children at the school and we all agree some of the problem is down to classes constantly being taken by different supply teachers.’

However, parent Rebecca Barham, 34, said things have been improving, adding: ‘The Ofsted inspection is not brilliant but my daughter has always done really well at the school. I’m satisfied with the teacing standards at the school.’